Stuck memories

November 5, 2012

I like to think that old memories get stuck sometimes, somewhere between your soul and mind.  They aren't quite willing to be gone, to not be living, to be safely seared into the many, many pages of the journal of your soul.  They keep coming in front of your eyes, living, playing out scene after scene over and over again.  Like an old song.  Once it's in your head, it gets onto you, it holds on, it won't go anywhere.  As I flip through files of pictures, I remember where I was, remember where I've been, remember what I was thinking.  And I know that those memories haven't been seared completely into my soul.  They are still alive, still unwilling to be banished into a box of memories.  I like that, though.  They keep on fighting a hopeless battle.  And like heroes, I remember them when they are defeated and get pressed between the journal pages.

Today, I've been flipping through some old frames, shots, memories, whatever.  I absolutely love it when a photo makes me grin.  Just knowing I had fun taking the picture is a nice memorandum.  I was so inspired by Hannah's post today and how we should all want to make every single picture count- how each picture ought to be jam packed with a hundred memories, jam packed with intentional, deliberate work.  As I picked through old folders, I noticed these few and remembered how much fun it was taking them.  How much fun I had setting it up.  They made me smile and I hope they make you smile too :-)


  1. Sunflowers are just so . . . I don't know, but they almost seem to shout that they were created and designed, and not "evolved". Just to beautiful.
    Of course sisters are too. =D I like her braids.


  2. Old photos with memories attached really are the best. *smile*


  3. Ah, sunflowers. They are simply lovely. Your photos are beautiful.
    I enjoy looking at photos and reminiscing. It makes me feel as if I am re-living those moments.
    Beautiful work, Gabby! <3