November 3, 2012

These pictures have been haunting since the evening I took them.  Every time I look at those shots, I want to just smile or waltz or cry.  Mostly because I remember that sunset.  I remember driving home, shotgun, windows down, radio up, and watching that sunset.  Just a sunset- red, lovely, and divine.  My Mama asked me to take these pictures.  She felt it too.  And what it was, I have no idea.  I just know that for the longest time, all of my writing have a lot of its in there.  Not that it is exactly anything in particular... its just, well, it.  I think you know what I mean.  But like I said, Mama felt it too and asked me to take pictures.  And it seemed like ages ago when I was in those pictures, when in reality it was only two weeks ago.  The sunset pictures have been wallpapers rotating on several different laptops recently.  I guess everyone just liked what they saw in it.  Whatever it was.  I don't take any credit for these pictures.  I didn't even try-- I barely looked.  And that is what amazes me every time I see these pictures... I can scarcely believe that it was only a small eternity ago since taking these shots.  I can scarcely believe I live here- here! with these beautiful Louisiana sunsets, farming communities, and land that my family has belonged to for decades.

I'm still trying to figure out these things.  I am still trying to remember how the sun felt on my face.  I am still trying to remember if I even accepted that this sunset was as beautiful as it was.  I don't remember.  But it's okay, I don't need to.  God knows.  God remembers.  And that sunset belongs to him.  And I am so happy it does.

Right now, I am at my Nana's house, helping with an annual church garage sale down the street (I am taking a break for a nap that didn't happen), selling cakes and cookies and whatnot.  Just old junk treasures that someone is going to love.  And it is happy here.  I'm still hearing that sound, though.  It's lasting a lot longer this year than any other that I remember.  I love seeing cousins and uncles and friends and people I don't know who remind me of more people I don't know and remembering that all these people have their own stories and lives.  Everyone is walking mysteries... from the lady who bought those silly rabbit candle holders, to that old man who bowed so endearingly reverently as he opened the door for me.  I love it here.  I love these people.  And I think that's what I love about that it in the sunset.  It means home.



  1. Oh, I know what you mean, especially those last three... I like how you said it made you want to waltz! I get that feeling rather often. =)
    Were you driving "into the sunset"?
    That's the thing I like about history...everyone had a story and they were just as real as me and my friends.
    Good thoughts.


    1. We weren't quite heading into the sunset, but the light was thick everywhere so it certainly felt like it :-)

  2. Oh, girl, this is tremendously beautiful. :) Your writing is so raw, and your emotion and heart just pours through the words. Looooove these pictures, and your words are poetry, m'dear. :)


  3. I love how you left the memories and the sunset to God...this post is lovely, dear.