Don't get hurt

November 23, 2012

Outside this window, the trees have finally showed their fall garb of gold and brown and bronze. They have even begun sprinkling down in little, soft gusts.  The children are watching one of those old Christmas cartoons that you know you secretly love.

Today, on the way back home from our storage building (we are still unpacking, see, and need a place to store things), Aidan- my five year old brother- had been looking out the window.  I was watching him from shotgun, watching his little face kind of wrinkle and relax, deep in thought.  Finally, he said in a matter of fact tone, "Daddy?  I think I am scared to die."  There was a hint of a silence, but then Daddy said as he drove, "It's okay.  Most people are."  For a while, no one said anything.  And then Ian (my eleven year old brother) added, "I don't think I am scared to die.  I just don't want it to hurt."  We all chuckled and Aidan kind of gasped and nodded.  Like that was the solution- don't get hurt.

(credit: Morgan took picture this picture of me pour pie filling)

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  It was beautiful, you know.  Just ducky.  I made three pies: buttermilk, pecan, and apple.  I might have dropped half of the apple pie but I guess we'll just never be sure, shall we?  And made the pie shells- I have a thing about homemade pie crusts.  Mama made turkey but I hate turkey and feel bad that I do.  Mammaw made cornbread stuffing and that stuff is incredible.  It made me thankful to have a table full of people who are happy and healthy and okay, food that isn't simply food- food with a taste to it that really doesn't matter.  Just good old, hand me down recipes passed down from long ago, ones that remind me of people gone and buried just down this road, down a dirt road.  There are faces that aren't here anymore, yet... this is the day the Lord has made.  Let us be glad and rejoice in it.

Since the conversation in the truck this afternoon, I have been thinking about, well, death.  Not exactly the greatest aftertaste of a wonderful Thanksgiving, but that's what I do to myself.  I understand the two boys.  They don't want to suffer.  They don't want to get hurt.  And that's right, and it is not cowardice.  You just don't get hurt because it isn't smart- if you can help it.  And I've been thinking, it may be okay for some people to go stand on that mountain's cliff, go sky diving, and live recklessly.  It's okay- there's a place for that.  But some people just don't want to take the chance of getting hurt.  I guess what I am saying is that living carelessly and wildly isn't for everyone.  Not everyone is going to be extroverted, daring, bold.  Some people like living quietly, well, and in their own way.  I think I am one of those people.  This day is the day I am going to live through- I don't have to prove myself.  I don't need to be number one everywhere I go.  I don't need to have it all.  I can live through not having the experience.  See, I just don't want to get hurt.  And I am learning living quietly, slowly is good too.  Life, to me, is something indescribably wonderful- do you know how many babies will never get to experience it?  Too many.  And I just want my friends, family, all the people I love, to know that it's okay to live quietly.  You don't have to throw yourself in harm's way.

Do excuse my discursive thoughts.  Today is an interesting, happy day- one which I don't mind thinking through hard things.  A Happy late Thanksgiving to y'all!  I hope it was beautiful!


  1. this. just this. your pictures make me want to visit your home for a day and see what your life is like. and these words are so descriptive--so full of feeling, that I can totally understand, and relate. I don't want to get hurt either. In everyday life, in experiences, in relationships, and we tend to shield ourselves from pain. But sometimes we grow from pain; we learn things that couldn't have been learned except through trials. I'm at a point where I don't want to get hurt, but I'm not afraid of it. I know Jesus is always there, even when it seems like we're alone.

    Love this, Gabby. SO much. ♥ No one wants to get hurt, but if you go through life avoiding pain, you'll never truly live.

    {okay, I'm done rambling. this post just totally inspired me, and I wrote a whole blog post in a comment. ahem. ;)} anyway. you should write a book, I'm telling you.


  2. oh, and Happy {late} Thanksgiving! :) I was rambling so much, I forgot to say that. hope it was a blessed day... from the look {and sound} of it, it sounds lovely. ♥

  3. My Thanksgiving day was Just Ducky too! Best I've ever had I think, ate with friends, ripstiked and played games. =D
    I agree with Mikailah, we(unfortunatly) do learn from when I was out taking pictures when I was SUPPOSED the be working on a school project. I had to say goodbye to my camera until the project was finished; at least a week + a couple days. In Autumn?!!?
    It hurt. A LOT. Long story short I finished said project two days ahead of time and next time I'll think twice before dashing out with my camera if I Know I've got things I must do. =D
    (That's my blog post in a comment =P)
    Happy late Givingthanks day!


    P.s. I noticed the moon yesterday too!

  4. Right, ladies. I mean, (maybe this will sound odd) but lately, it seems like everyone is just forcing themselves into hard situations, on purpose, for the sake of experience. I totally agree with you two- learn from pain when it happens... but don't go making yourself the target. God never intended humans to be self torturers.

    1. What you wrote on your post was very touching, but what you wrote down in the comments section below touched my soul to the deepest core....

      Gabby dear, you've just helped open my eyes to a whole new world....
      Thank-you so much for mentioning that! Lord willing, I will never forget it.

      Take care!

  5. This is SO beautiful - your words and photos make me want to cry - in a good way.

    xxx from england- no thanksgiving for we british ones! :(

    acacia //capturelife

  6. Lovely, dear, just lovely. I am not a wild, reckless liver, either; it seems to be a "thing" going around right now to live adventurously, but I am content to stay at home and enjoy times like Thanksgiving. *smile*


    p.s. your pie looks delicious!

  7. p.p.s. i love your Thanksgiving break list!