The sound of fall

October 31, 2012

All is breathlessly still and quiet.  Somewhere beyond my eyes' fingertips, beyond where my eyes can touch, there's an undisturbed silence behind every second.  Even in the noise a quiet, peaceful sound looms.  I can hear it behind the yells and laughter in our yard coming from the people I love best.   I can hear it as I sit at my desk, poring over books.  It's always there but today it seems so much more pronounced as the clouds are gray, the sun shines cold, and the wind pushes its way through the hayfield.  For as long as I can remember, every dawn of fall and winter this quietness envelopes everything.  And all is calm, and all is bright.

In the blindness of this summer I've forgotten how much winter means to me.  I forgot how much I loved snuggling up under thirty blankets, reading a book out loud to the little sister next to me (my favorite book- Little Women), and getting all dressed up in sweaters and heavy denim to shut out the cold.  I've even let my thoughts wonder to Christmas.  Really.  Only in a few short months that time is going to be here all over again, and a new year to celebrate, and hello 2013!  Summer is never ever going to let go of its hold on my heart, though; I'm hers heart and soul.  But her older sister, winter, is nice too.  Though I am excited for winter and Christmas and hot chocolate and all that other wonderful nonsense, I'm not going to try to expect too much this year.  I want stuff to happen as life throws it at me- I hate spontaneity and forced stuff, you know- I like accepting things and loving them as they are.  Maybe I wouldn't be disappointed in things if things just happened in their own way without me fiddling with them and making them be beautiful.  Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say.

I've got bread in the oven at the moment that I need to get, and my cold feet are telling me to drink something hot and good.  Daddy and my brother are building a chicken coop in our backyard and I can't help but laugh at the hilarious squawking going on from our halfway grown chickens, and squeals of laughter erupting from the littlest brother.  Everyone is all bundled up on this particularly gray day.  Yes, I like it cold.  It seems to bring hearts closer so they can get warm from each other all over again.


  1. Couldn't agree with you more, Gabby! Love the way you write. :)

  2. Your blog, Gabby dear, is one of my favorites. You writing is SO gorgeous, {and humorous} and your pictures are stunning. This. This, was just beautiful. I think many people feel this way, but can't find the words to express it how you do. :) Love this.


  3. Amazing pictures (as usual) and love your writing.

  4. Your last statement, dear, is just amazing and insightful. The photos after "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" are very well placed.
    I agree - I do like the cold, and we get lots of it up here in Maine. *smile*


  5. happiness in a nutshell written by one amazing girl.
    *lots of hugs*
    your goose.

  6. You do have a way with words...and pictures. =D
    I don't want to be a parrot, but I do like how you found beauty in a rusty old chair and "weeds"!
    I agree with you about cold weather, makes you want to get closer to those you love. <3
    You use your talent well. =)