The last performance

October 8, 2012

Between multiple errands that consisted of going in and out of the house, traveling behind our barn, and carrying loads of sheets, blankets, pillows, and kittens, a little tent sprung up.  Watching it come together was so fun- and evoked so many childhood memories that have been aging in my heart for a long time.  The sheets were fastened down securely with bricks, a sheet was also laid down on top of the soft grass like the best bed you could have imagined, and pillows put here and there.  George and Tristan- those kittens- snuggled up in the tent.  I slipped into the tent when it was done and it was so breezy and welcoming.  Tristan pounced on my lap and curled up in a tight, soft little ball and made himself at home.  With the cool breeze blowing, the sun shining clear, all was well with the world again.  School seemed like a distant dream from only an hour ago.  Morgan was out there too- making sure we had ice cold tea, plenty of pillows, and a magazine to read aloud.  The afternoon slipped past and I'm sure if anyone was outside, they could hear the two girls giggling in the tent, catching kittens that would try to pounce on the billowing sheets, and generally laughing at the merriment of it all.  As the sun got lower, I laid on my back and felt the sun slipping down and pouring forth the last of its golden rays on the tent.  It was quiet.  I decided that even though it is technically fall, that that was the last bit of summer left in that old sun.  The last performance that summer threw- like a big, golden ball.  Now that all is said and done, I've loosened my clutch on the summer of 2012.  The string is broken and it slips down into a corner of my heart to live on forever.
Now, it's fifty degrees and I type here, curled up with coffee and a big sweatshirt and remembering things that have passed.  Summer will always be the season I love the most.  But as I've been learning lately, to enjoy things more, you have to have them taken away sometimes.  The heart grows fonder that way.


  1. GABBY. These pictures are beautiful! And your words--literally--brought tears to my eyes. You writing is incredible beautiful and descriptive, my dear. Thank you for inspiring me. You are a blessing to me! {And your new design is perfection, too. :)}

    Many blessings!

  2. OH MY GOSH, GABBY!!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL! The photographs the words the - the editing of the photographs ---- AMAZING!!! You really are talented and I'm so blessed to know you, darling. really.

    loved talking with you last night. ;)
    lots and lots of hugs,
    your goose.

  3. That last paragraph? Stunning. Gabby, your insight into life never ceases to amaze me.


  4. GREAT pictures! That kitty is adorable!

  5. This is utterly beautiful, Gabby. <3
    I adore your style of writing and I love your kitten.