No hurry.

October 4, 2012

My mornings can usually be defined by the music I wake up to.  If the radio is playing my favorite song softly when the golden, hushed light creeps over my eyelids, it's a good morning.  Some mornings, like this one, I hear that one song no one probably knows about and just let my newly awakened being become a part of the song.  Singing with it in my heart.  I wake up slowly, as slowly as I went to sleep.  The light lies in the air lazily and all comfortingly golden and filmy.  It's soft as a sigh, as right as rain, and as beautiful as it can be.  Mornings like this are the ones when I know all is well with the world again, school really and truly can't kill me, life won't always be the best, but that is perfectly okay.  All the things that usually bother me simply won't and can't on such a gorgeous morning.  A wonderful mum who lets me sleep in when I need to is the best thing that could be.  Fighting school is okay so long as that mug of coffee is there and a good God up above.  Writing nonsense that matters nothing to anyone is okay so long as the words leave my soul and take flight.  One solitary, lonely picture is fine by me so long as it is true and honest.  I think even life could begin to make room for me on a morning that wraps so warm and gently around my heart, tugging at those strings, whispering, "don't hurry... it'll be gone all too soon."  The melody written on the fabric of this morning is a lovely one; one I would like to hear more often; one I wish we could all hear and see when the world opens up into a new day again.  This morning is the sort of morning where I wish I worked more on deserving this life. But as the song goes, I ain't in no hurry today.
And all is right with the world.


  1. :O this. is. lovely. you really do have a talent of writing the loveliest of words. :)

    love you, dearheart.

  2. Gabby, I love how your posts are always so honest and beautiful as are your photos.


  3. Oh Gabby, I love you and your blog SO much. Your words ring true to my soul and your photos are brimming with emotion.

    xo Acacia