Morgan's birthday

October 1, 2012

I'm afraid when I start thinking of you as an official nine year old, the words simply get lodged somewhere between heart and lips about the way I feel about you.  It's hard to pin down because emotions are messy and mostly, I like to keep them bottled inside.  So when people ask me how I feel about you, it's like me having to break my bottle to explain.  But I want you to know.  I want you to know because between you and me, there in nothing left unknown except for the way I feel about you.  We never discussed our relationship because we were always and simply there without having to worry over the particulars.

My dear girl, I love you.  I love you a lot.  You are my friend- no one knows me better than you, I'll bet, and you can quote my favorite movies (which are your favorite movies as I leave you no choice other than to die a painful death), and share my love for all things vanilla.  When we're together, we can talk Jason Aldean to Jane Austen, C. S. Lewis and Narnia to Tolkien and Lord of the Rings, my friends to your friends, and call each other all sorts of strange nicknames.  Then we'll probably giggle over a lot people and other things that no one on this earth (save perhaps one other girl) knows about.  Ahem.  When we're together, we plot futures, plan parties, dream up castles in the sky, and take pictures.  All in all, there's no one quite as pretty and smart as you, you nine year old... Chuck, dear.

Love you,


  1. "the words simply get lodged somewhere between heart and lips about the way I feel about you." i started crying when i saw this. just. wow.

  2. this is darling! she is so adorable!

  3. This is lovely, Gabby dear! <3
    I just recently wrote a post about my three sisters. Sisters are great, are they not?

    Happy Birthday, Morgan!

  4. Morgan is just too cute! I always enjoy reading about your love for each other, dear. Lovely photos! Golden hour is delicious.


  5. Oh, my word, Gabby dear!!! This is just beautiful. Morgan is so lucky to have you as her sister and I am as well. ;)

    love ya ducky!
    your goose.