Isn't it, darling

October 11, 2012

I was brushing my hair the other morning (which is kind of strange for me to say because I never brush my hair in the morning and so therefore look something like a wavy haired hippie by lunch and then I'm like, "oh gosh... I forgot to brush my hair this morning!") and noticed something else unusual.  Hanging on a strand of my hair was a stem of little flowers.  I remembered how yesterday afternoon Morgan and I made fairy crowns out of vines and had stuck flowers in them...  The flowers were bright, then, compared to the few that must have fallen into my hair.  And now, they smelled sweet- powdery, too- and were all yellowed out.  Like they'd seen too many days.  It struck me as odd how they'd stayed in my hair for a whole day- since yesterday- and had clung to me for so long.  I carefully took them out, tried not to brush the petals with my fingers that (in comparison to their graceful heads) were big and awkward, and laid them down.  And they've stayed there- on my dresser for a few days.  I've passed them so many times- not wanting to throw them away, but not willing them to stay- and have wanted to see something more in them than what they are to me- plain, small, aged, and worn out.  But I could never really do it.  Maybe I just didn't have time, or maybe I just didn't want to.  And it bothers me that something like those little flowers couldn't warm my heart like some things can.  To tell the truth, I feel like a hypocrite.  I've always promised myself that no matter who ignored me or who would never pay any attention to me, that I'd always pay attention to someone just as small (or smaller) as me.  And here I am, staring at these flowers and realizing that sometimes life is... life is...

Isn't it, darling?
p.s. just read the garden party by Katherine Mansfield and you'll think so too.


  1. Gabby. This is beautiful, once again. Your pictures are beautiful, and your writing is gorgeous. Sometimes it takes the little things to wake us up to something bigger we may be missing. This is just beautiful, Gabby dear--a plain and simple fact. xx

  2. <3 <3 <3 - yeah, that's all I can say. :)

    your goose.

  3. yes. this is gorgeous. i love this.

  4. Oh, your discription of your "Oh gosh... I forgot to brush my hair this morning!" Made me laugh, I've done that too! =D