Goosey girl

October 25, 2012

Dear Goose,

I can barely remember how I nicknamed you that.  It sort of fit, you see, and I'd always been known as the "turkey" in my family.  Somehow, I think Anne of Green Gables would be scandalized to see two kindred spirits name each other after poultry, but I think she'd understand.  I think you becoming "goose" and me becoming "turkey" had something to do with a crazy joke, too much rambling on my part, and too much time to think.  Yet, it's been the most commonly used nickname ever on my part.

I stare really hard at our old, blue globe for a while- mentally calculating how much time is between us, how many time zones separate our lives, how much space of thin air comes between you and I.  I look first at my dot in the center of Louisiana, then at the one in your sunny California and wonder if we'll ever meet.  I'd love it, you know.  I comfort myself because we've been able to be best friends simply through the words of our countless emails and Skype chats- we have never seen each other face to face, yet we've been heart to heart many a hard night.  I've never been able to be "myself" around many people.  The people who I could be my perfectly ridiculous self were a few close dear people, and you.  We can go from talking about movie characters, to real people, to all giggles, to perfect agony.  Then there were a couple conversations I don't think I could ever, ever, ever let anyone take a look at- just because.

There's a lot to say about you- like how I can hear the smile in your voice on our phone calls, the way you use hundreds of different smiley faces in our chats, the way you always ask me how I'm doing, how you always honestly tell me how you are.  You sympathize with my woes of life, and can always make me feel like all will be okay.  That's how your personality goes- you make everything have its own little happily ever after.  And you hurt when anything else hurts.  I love the fact that you're not of the sort to let a friendship go.  I hope that our friendship keeps on getting riper and riper with age.  Even though you're not family, I still count you as a sister.  But between you and me, I never figured out if you were the older sister or if I was.  I still wish I could say more... just because this little bit of jumbled up pondering doesn't seem to half justify one moment with you.  Much less sixteen years.

Happy sweet sixteen, Grace.   Blow out those candles and make a wish.  Think carefully about it because you only get to think it through and do it once a year.
Love you [to the moon and back].


  1. This is why I love your posts. They have real meaning and a lot of thought is put into it. Great job, Gabby.

  2. Aw, how sweet!!! Happy Birthday, Grace!!!

  3. Oh, my darling girl! Really. I {for once} have no words to describe how sweetly these words warmed my heart. You are such a blessing and {as I was telling Mother dear the other day} you are - I just felt so honored that the Lord gave me you. Thank you so much for everything you do, everything you are, m'darling, and for; being friends with me, just a silly little goose.

    I love you so much and can't wait to give you a real hug someday real soon.
    Love you {to the moon and back}
    Your goose.

    1. Postscript :: I'm going to print this out and put it in my journal to cherish forevermore. ;) xoxoxoxoxox

  4. Aw, this is so sweet, Gabby. So totally touching. :) Happy birthday, Grace!! xx

  5. Gabby,
    I always adore your posts! You are so thoughtful and sweet. Wonderful words, dearie!


  6. This is so sweet, Gabby! You have such a way with words...


  7. precious. so heartfelt and sweet. bravo to you for being such a wonderful friend. :)