As of the late

October 17, 2012

I'm smiling right now.  Just 'cause.  It wasn't a good day, really.  I mean, I cried several times and felt half sick at some moments.  But then, it was all okay again since I remembered Who is up there watching me.  And it made me smile, just now.  And it was nice, too, to know that my practice ACT test went well, school isn't killing me (yet), and Jason Aldean has a nice new song out (but let's not discuss the rest of the album, 'kay?).  Life has so many surprises, doesn't it?  Scary, sad, and happy.  But the one nice thing about all of them is at least they are there.  Or rather, we are there to experience them.  I guess my point is that even in the worst moments, I realize that I'd rather experience something hard than nothing at all.  So all I can do right now is just breathe and cross my fingers and pray that this sanity stays for at least a while.

This week has been interesting, y'all.  And I've been dreadfully inconsistent.  And on top of that, I can't seem to get the words out tonight- or at least, none worth a nickel.  I hate inconsistency, and I know it's not "cool" to do, but y'all forgive me... right?

Love the girl under the sun


  1. Nice photos! <3
    I know what you mean about being overwhelmed. Trying to balance out life can be tough. Although, we always have Someone watching out for us. And His love alone is enough to make me smile!

    Lovely post, Gabby dear!

  2. This is just lovely, Gabby! Love this. It is so true... no matter what happens, we always have that loving Father up there, watching over us. :) And GORGEOUS pictures, dearie! ;)


  3. Sweet little white flowers. =)
    Yeah, school hasn't killed me either . . .though some days it feels like it did, but I too would rather have them than a boring, un-character building day.
    Good post.


  4. First of all, those photos are amazing, especially the second one. I am so glad that your ACT went well! Even when you say that you cannot find the words, I am still inspired by you, dear.