This Week.

September 22, 2012

Perhaps the best words are the ones written without any effort- the sort that just come on their own without force; perhaps the best are the ones written from a heart too full for words; perhaps they just come on their own… like rain does: spontaneous and different each time.  I like words.  But sometimes, they are simply elusive and have a mind of their own.  They simply will not allow me to cultivate them into coherent paragraphs that agree with the thoughts of my mind.  Words, some days, simply won’t come however hard I try to get them out.  Today feels like one of those days.  All I want to say simply won’t come like I want them, won’t say what I mean.  But I guess it’s enough to just know.

These last couple weeks have been different.  Full.  But not of things done.  Full of things felt.  Full of things that were thought and written and said.  Full of memories made.  Full of pictures taken.  And it’s felt like forever since I was writing for this little space.  It’s was only a week or so, but it seemed like a while.  Life has been open, I think, and just inspirational.  Not that life has suddenly been inspirational, but more along the lines of perspective.  How I take life as it comes makes it beautiful and inspirational.  And I want to savor this bit of inspiration left beating in my heart.  I don’t want to use it up on mere words.  I want everything to come slow, not all at once.

I’m thankful for our new home.  I’m thankful for the pictures and memories I have.  I am thankful for friend who talks with me for hours on end.  I am thankful for a sister who has turned nine today.  I am thankful that today is the first official day of autumn.  I am thankful for wonderful people who make me glad God made them… even if they don’t seem to take notice of me.  I am so thankful for life; humbled that this life is mine, and that God gave it to me of all people… even if it’s harder at some times than others.  Here’s to life.


p.s. I updated some of my pages.  Take a look, if you want.


  1. these are beautiful. love the ones of the cat. :)

  2. These are really good, I especially like the one with the rain, it's really neat how the drops are blurred up close and then clearer farther away, it almost looks like a curtain hanging from the roof. If you know what I mean... =)
    Yes, I saw you changed your blog around a bit, I did the same thing. Gonna go look.

  3. Your new house looks lovely! Your kitten is just too adorable. I like the photos of the boots!! I am glad that you have had a good week. I have missed your posts, I must say.