Sundays + rain

September 3, 2012

Sundays are always perfect, one way or another.  They can be perfectly rainy, cold, and gray and still be lovely.  They're the best when you wake up, the sheets are still warm, and your Mama is whispering for you to wake up.  I like getting pretty and going to church.  I like coming home to a Sunday afternoon (knowing just know like you know you're going to take you're next breath) that it's going to be longer than any other afternoon than any other day of the week.  I love walking barefoot on the soft, green grass and watching the raindrops hit the ground one by one.  I love how Sundays feels bigger, wider, and like an empty canvas that's ready to be painted on with whatever you like.  I love getting a sweet email from a good friend that just makes my day.  I love being happy about silly things of no particular meaning or order.  I just love rainy Sundays.

I like knowing that such a beautiful day is the close of my week, even though technically it's the beginning.  I like knowing that the last seven days are slipping through my hands with a kiss goodbye on my fingertips, promising to be back soon for another round.  I even like knowing that the next day is monotonous Monday, a beginning for a whole new week, a whole new chapter, a whole new place for things to happen.  I like knowing a schedule is beginning- hopefully sunny and good.  I like the idea that the next few days will be full of letters, a couple phone calls, things to make and plan, and chances to improve.  Maybe at the end of the day, I'll cross my fingers and hope something spectacular happens- small or big.

Sundays are my favorite because it's like a piece of grace given over and over again.  It's like a second chance, full of love and full of Jesus.  A proper welcome and a proper way to get started on life again.  It ends with a goodnight kiss, and a hello- good morning, sunshine.  As the last bit of rain drizzles out, you can slip back into the warm sheets and let your eyelashes brush your cheek, and then awake to a new beginning.
-the girl

p.s. happy September!


  1. i can't even tell you how much i love this post. it's so beautiful... in every way. thanks for reminding me how to love my sundays, gabby! you have a beautiful talent for words.

  2. Mmm, yes. Sundays are wonderful. As you said, the afternoons seem longer than any other afternoons. Thank you for this beautiful post, dear!