Sleepy afternoon

September 13, 2012

Sleepy afternoons.  Deep, warm, sweet, dreamy.  Everything happens like it's supposed to, everything falls into place like it ought, everything spins in its perfect way.  The children are altogether in the living room- I hear them laughing.  A beautiful song is playing at this moment over and over as I write this.  It's sort of sunny out- you know, gray but sunny, soft and lacy.  There is much to do, yet I don't need to do it.  There's so much more to life than simply doing... there are countless little moments to show love, to listen to good music, and kiss a sleepy boy.  I don't want these days to slip through my fingers for anything that might happen in the future.  I want to make memories with my family, talk hours with friends, take countless pictures, and write volumes and volumes.  The present is here, right now, and I want to enjoy it without marring it by (what I think) I ought to be doing.  There's a beautiful rest of the afternoon all sleepy and golden and a little boy calling my name.  It's a perfect day.  Even more- a perfectly sleepy afternoon.  I've got to go live this life that right outside my door.  It's beckoning.

I'm going to be swinging a little break for a while- not too long, but it's going to be quiet around Under the Sun for a bit.  Just need to clear the mind and work on living- living for others.  There's a lot to think about, write about, and do about.  I'd like to have enough time and less distractions to face them all, and well, the internet is distracting.  I'll miss my dear readers, but I'm really happy to know that y'all will be here when I get back ;-)  Hopefully, though, I'll have a ton of pictures of a new home sweet home.  It's pretty as a picture, y'all, but it's going take some elbow grease and time- but I think I like the idea of getting a house cleaned up before moving in.  It makes it more... homey.  Also, I might have a surprise when I get back.  Just mayyyybe.


  1. I cannot wait to see your new house!


  2. I like the one with his toes peeking out of the blanket. That's a good one. =D

  3. this is so sweet, darling.

    love ya,