September 26, 2012

“It was a soft, dreamy deliciously quiet life, a life of repose, an old life, with all its sharp corners and rough surfaces long ago worn round and smooth.  Everything fitted everything else, and every point in it was so well settled as to leave no work of improvement for anybody to do.” George Cary Eggleston

I read this is a book today, nodded, and thought about how much life around me fits that picture.  This land is deliciously quiet, soft, warm, and old from generations and years that have swept through it.  Every place fits each other, no improvement is needed.  All is silent and slow.  Days slip past heavily weighed into my heart, lightly in my eyes.  It doesn’t quite matter about time here, you see; time simply is a measurement.  Nothing more than a measurement.  Life is something that can’t be timed, or measured in width or height or any other way.  Life is simply glorious life.  Too good to be true, but yet only a shadow of things to come.

Out there in the trotting world is so much.  So incredibly much it is overwhelming.  The way I feel as I fall back into country life- doing stuff the long way around and taking the back roads that are longer but prettier- is proof of what I’ve been looking for.  This feeling is home.  Home- where home will always be, where I never need to hurry getting back to, and where I never need to hurry to get away from.  It’s there for always and it has a special little corner in my heart.

Today, I hung out clothes on our clothesline.  I thought, as I picked up a pair of jeans, how lucky it is to know that while there is an easier way to dry clothes, it doesn’t mean it’s the best.  Just because we could, doesn’t mean we should.  Not that we shouldn’t, but simply put: because who would?  If life is simply about taking the easier route, why bother with anything at all?  It is so much more than making the choice whether or not to put out your clothes to hang to dry, or through a machine… it’s making the choice to do it because you don’t give a care to the time it takes.  Not giving a darn if it requires more labor, more thought, more effort.  You do it because you defy the time that brings you down and makes you into a clock.  You do it because it’s perfectly alright to take the time to enjoy things slower, simpler, sweeter.

Settling down back into the schedule of school, chores, and to do lists make me pay more attention to any spare time to do anything… even hanging clothes on the clothesline.  You can’t know how good it feels to know that this life under the sun isn’t all about getting everything done on time… it’s just the matter of doing it.


  1. Lovely words. Lovely photography. <3
    Time is one of the most precious things in this world, wouldn't you concur?

  2. Yeah, I think the world tries to go way too fast . . . and misses the important things in the process.
    I really like the closeline shots, but they all are very unique, a nice picture of the important things . . . =)