Stained Pink

August 28, 2012

It was an overcast day, the clouds were low- if you could catch glimpses of them through tree branches who tossed and waved in the slightest breeze.  It was mostly silent except for an occasional tell tale buzz of a bee.  It's on that sort of day I feel particularly sentimental and gather a pen, paper, my camera, and a open perspective to the great outdoors.

Green pines were a little across the way, just over the narrow road.  The white gazebo that's been next to my grandparents home for years is white and pretty and clean and it's breezy.  The air is thick with the promise of rain.  As I sat there, I noticed some little roses bobbing softly in the wind.  They were white somehow.  But stained pink.  All things are white because that's the first layer of color.  Then it becomes stained with a color.  Pink in this case; fifty different shades of pink nodding in the wind, painted on their petals.  Some places the color was stronger than others, some places: weaker.  It made me smile to think about these precious roses... each were stained pink by the great Crafter who made each petal.  Every vein in ever petal was a shade deeper than the actual petal.  Like watercolor how there's a stream of color that leaks down into the blank palette, smearing and becoming more and more transparent.  It's like a web, reaching across the rose petal and leaking color all over the place; brightening up the world, one rose at a time.

I just love summer roses... pink roses win everytime.


  1. These are beautiful, Gabby. And your words equally so. Wow. Roses are so beautiful--and such a wonderful symbol of the Creator's majesty and awesomeness. :)


    ps--Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog, dearie. You make this blogging experience much sweeter. :)

  2. Great blog title! I love your blog. I'd love it if you stopped by mine: Living Fully By Faith .

  3. You have some really nice focus on those pretty pink roses! I'm a fellow photographer, and I wear jean skirts too!
    I'll be looking through your posts. =)

  4. Gabby, my dear, your posts and photographs just keep getting better and better. I am in love with these pink roses, and your description is wonderful. Keep it up, darling!


  5. Just beautiful!!! Just beautiful. :)

    Love ya,
    your goose.

  6. You have a wonderful writing style! I just found you through Emily's blog, and I'm looking forward to following your posts from now on :]

    -Hannah Grace