Portraits | Morgan Ann

August 23, 2012

Sometimes, it's hard to describe exactly how you feel about someone.  Not because you don't know why you like them, you just can't describe love- generally.  Morgan is a person who likes to tag along with me (everywhere I go) laugh at everything I say, and act silly with me.  We know the Narnia quotes by heart, can stay up far past our bedtime making jokes and acting ridiculous, have a tea party or picnic in the backyard, or fantasize over happily ever afters.  She's the best sister a body could have...  even if we are seven years apart in age.  I don't think we could be any closer in spirit even if she was older.

I've been trying to take more pictures of people- siblings, in particular.  I know one day I'm going to look around and see nothing but four young adults around me and the children will be gone.  It's sort of sad, but life goes on like that.  I've been extremely lucky to have a beautiful, pretty, healthy sister who loves me to death, likes posing for pictures, and is sweeter than a lump of sugar.  Her brown eyes, highlights in her hair, and toothy grin remind me of how much I love her... and I love capturing them all.  One day I know I'll be so glad I did.

okay...  this is my absolute favorite.  This is her personality pinned down completely.

We call each other strange names allll the time like you wouldn't believe.  I'm George Tubs, she's Chuck Chubs.  She's a gooshum berry, missy, drama queen and a whole lot of others besides.  She loves people a lot.  She's always making sure everyone is okay, everyone is happy, everyone is perfect.  Morgan loves to take children under her wing (we'd uncouthly call it "bossing" but with her, it's not) and act like a little mother hen.  She's silly, cute, loving, and always happy and giggling.  That's how eight year olds (almost nine year olds) are supposed to be.  I'm thankful that this little girl radiates so much joy around her.  I'm thankful she loves me.  I'm thankful for her smile and her tickling me when I'm trying to take pictures.  I'm thankful she never gets upset at anyone and is always cheerful.  I'm thankful God sends angels in little girl forms.  Don't grow out of it, okay, Morgan?

Love you M!


  1. these are amazing! the light is so gorgeous and she is adorable in all of them, but my favorite is this one. so cute!

  2. cute, cute, cute!! :) these are adorable, Gabby. <3 xx

  3. HOW DARLING!!! She's such a sweetie pie. :) Hmmm...I guess she gets it from her older sister. *wink*

    your goose.

  4. So much sweetness. Nicknames are the best, aren't they? No one really knows where they came from or why they are what they are, but they're prefect. Your nicknames are too funny.