On A Dark Night

August 21, 2012

On a dark night, words keep on falling like falling rain. Through the mist and air of the mind.  Down, down, down to the tip of my fingers, to  the tip of the lead, to the surface of the paper.  Rain falling down, down, down from the heavens, slipping through mist and air to the ground.  Thoughts, like raindrops, exploding and chasing after others, making new thoughts, commenting on one another, chasing ideas, revolving, and spinning.  That's how the words work up in my head.  A bit like a thunderstorm, and sometimes a bit like a drizzle.

On a rather dark night there was some really great lightening going on.  Normally, I've avoided (I mean really, really, really avoided) nighttime photography because...  I have absolutely no experience with it.  That and I expected everything to come out generally blurry, messy, and grainy.  I got over my fear, adjusted my camera to a high iso, low shutter speed, full aperture, and took my exposure down to about 3.0.  And it worked! (And I've got some other pictures to share soon from other nights!)  BUT I've got to admit, it was one of the most satisfying things when I got my first lightening picture.  It took about an hour, but when I got it, I screamed and ran inside showing everyone "my lightening strike."  I never got another that was decent, but I did get some light action behind the clouds.  Sorry for the blurriness *grins*

This week has been awesome...  I've got a ton of pictures (my poor memory card... 800 pictures and steadily counting) and I've got bunches to share.
-the girl


  1. whoaa! that first one is amazing! I can't wait to see more pictures :)

  2. lovely! I LOVE LOVE LOVE lightning storms - it's almost like a reminder of how big God is and how little I am on earth, but HE loves me all the same - but sadly, we Californian's don't get many lightning spells. :( Guess I just have to visit you, lovely.

    love ya always,
    your goosey twin sis.

  3. these are amazing, Gabby! wow!! :) i lovelovelove that first one. i actually have "take a picture of lightning" on my bucket list. ;) great captures, dearie! xx

  4. Mmm, lightning. I have never gotten a lightning photo, but I really like yours, Gabby!

  5. That's great! I'm looking forward to getting my first lighting shot too.