Like a Crape Myrtle

August 15, 2012

It was a slow, regular summer day outside.  Green, green grass, splashes of color- like hot pinks- on trees, trees everywhere, country music in your head, expectations and dreams limitless for tomorrow, and a blue sky in your eyes.  I'm not sure, but the sky always makes me feel small...  hence all of my problems fade away as I focus on what's bigger...  Anyways, it was that sort of a day.  It's easy to be grand on such a day, but you know, the best days in life are the ones that creep up quietly behind you, take your hand, and surprise you like that.  Nothing too grand, nothing too beautiful.  But when the day's gone, you can smile and say that you had it in the palm of your hand, but didn't try to do anything with it.  It was already good enough and you were content with that.  That sort of day is the one you'll look back and say was beautiful, although, you only realized it was so after the sun faded and voiced died down.  But I think (for all it's so popular to be spontaneous and intentional) it's the days where everything happens all from God's own mind that are the best- no help from you.

It was destined to be quiet day.  And on a quiet day, its best to let life rustle about yourslef like a breeze in a crape myrtle... and, it's not a wind- it's just a soft breeze.  It's was that kind of day.



  1. holy buttercup {you know, instead of cow, let's go by your cow's name :D}, that's an amazing photograph, darling!!! was that free-lensing? And of course, your words are always so enchanting. wow, I'm just lucky to have such a talented friend. :D

    love you {like...A LOT!!!}, ducky.
    your goosey girl.

  2. @Grace: Actually... my experiences with free lensing have been quite *coughs* interesting. But to answer your question, no, it was no free lensed. Thank you- I was having a love hate relationship with that picture. The colors seemed... blended? Love you too, dearie!


  3. that photo is absolutely gorgeous! and I love quiet days :)