Early Morning

August 9, 2012

I was never fond, I thought, of early rising.  I didn't see anything so special about it- it was dark, usually cool, no one was awake, and the sun was just waking up the birds.  But last night I told myself if I woke up early I'd get up and see what these people (who like casting off warm blankets at six thirty) were talking about.  This morning came and my consciousness was aroused at precisely six forty-seven.  The first thing I noticed was the light- like a rainy day light.  Soft, lacy, deep, and light gray.  The sort where it leaves touches objects highlighting them and deepening the shadows.  Between you and me, I like that soft glow better than the yellow sunshine in golden hour.  The window that all that lovely light was slipping through was just so pretty- antique curtains with the flowers, leaves, and all.  I've always liked that window.

The best start to a good day is putting on comfortable clothes.  Just throw on something you like...  but something nice.  It makes one feel happy being conscious that you look nice.  Hair isn't too much trouble.  If you're like me, messy hair is cute.  And then there's the debate on shoes- flipflops or sandals?  Flats or rubber boots?  I settled that argument without thinking-- I go barefoot all the time if I can possibly help it.  Jewelry is nice...  I guess.  Dangling earrings are cute, too, although they have a horrid tendency to get stuck in messy hair.  *smiles*

I was trying to figure out exactly what one does (other than sleep) with themselves in the early morning.  Take pictures, no doubt, and probably eat breakfast.  But reading is nice, too, so I took Shakespeare into the kitchen and got a cup of coffee.  Coffee is so nice- I can't imagine life without it; twould be doubtlessly duller, to be sure.  And out came bread and jam.  That's a nice breakfast- jam and bread.  Although it would be best toasted, I ate it as it was outside on the dewy grass getting my bum quite wet.  A small gathering of ants were surveying me as I sat amongst (what I am sure was) their front door.  Shakespeare was good- although I've always had this vague inclination to think that Romeo and Juliet weren't really in love.  It was all in their head.  Nonetheless, my eye fell on this quote and I fell in love:

"This bud of love, by summer's ripening breath,
May prove a beauteous flower when next we meet."
-The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

It's so pretty...  not straight out sentimental.  Just real feelings in prose.  I thought about it the rest of the day...

Aye, me.  All in all, I think I like early morning better than I thought I would.  I might even consider casting of the warm blankets more often.  Do y'all care for early mornings?


  1. so sweet, Gabby dear...I think that EARLY EARLY mornings are the most wonderful as that is when most heart-to-heart conversations with dear {near} and faraway friends start. *smile*

    love ya,
    your goose.

  2. these pictures are lovely, Gabby and the words equally so. :) I never really was an early-bird; I do love getting up to see the sun-rise, however, and there is always a taste of adventure when you rise early.

  3. Mmm, yes. I do love early morning.
    Oh my goodness. Your photos are just stunning! They are probably some of my favorite photos of yours. I love how you capture small little details and everyday moments. You inspire me, my dear.


  4. Gabby, dear,
    You are like a fresh breath of air, do ya know that? :) Thank you so much for your sweet, uplifting comments on my blog... and the {very good} advice. It is such a blessing to have you as a "bloggin' friend".

    In Christ!
    Much love,

  5. i love these pictures! there just so beautiful! love your blog.(:

  6. Hey Gabby!
    Could you look at my blog, and follow? (just followed yours) ((Shineyourglorydown.blogspot.com) And consider doing a guestpost? (maybe about photography?) ((Or a post like this?)
    Thank you!

  7. Yes, early mornings are the best. I especially love that delicious chill in autumn, dewdrops on the grass, the fence going up in "smoke".
    Barefoot and dangling earrings...and yes, they get stuck in my hair too!