These some days

July 31, 2012

Some days, words just rain down from inspiration to paper like rain from clouds to earth.  They somehow flow right from my head to the paper before me.  Letter by letter is formed, words are made, and thoughts secured, and then the sentences become a string of ponderings lay before me on a piece of paper.  Simple as that- yet so miraculous.  The words sort of find their own voice, as I’ve found.  My words mean nothing.  Words don’t mean anything- rather- they can’t.   It’s the voice they come in, and the way they speak is what makes them so listenable.  And sometimes, words don’t come.  Not the way I want them to.  Even when there’s so much inspiration, so much life in me the words just won’t come.  It’s like running on sand.  Ever notice how hard it is to run on sand?  It’s like the sand sticks and pulls and wears you out and all you know to do is to keep on running.  Running.  And it hurts when you just can’t do it.  It’s a little like that.

The same thing for photography.  Life is beautiful- to that we can all agree- and the most natural thing for us photographers is to… capture it.  Photograph it.  But then every now and again, inspiration is there, life is blossoming, living is just so full, but somehow you just can’t get the shutter to snap right.  Everything is gorgeous, but you just can’t capture it.  It’s frustrating like you wouldn’t believe, and then all you can do is to beat yourself and cry out “why can’t I do it perfectly?”  In the past few days, I’ve figured something out- although, it’s probably not the best philosophy, but it does help make things easier to accept.  Times like these just require you to step back, take a deep breath, and tell yourself everything will all be okay, love.  These are the times God probably wants you just to slow down enough to acknowledge and realize him and your family.  Or even your friends and hobbies.  I get so wrapped up in blogging that some days all I can think about is “photograph, write, photograph, write, do something fun so you can write about and share your photographs- repeat.”  And eventually, I feel like a broken record.

So.  I guess all I’m trying to say is that…  some days you’re not going to see my photographs or word making as best as they could have been.  But I’m not asking you to like it, either.  Just asking you to hang tight with me and all the other people have these “some days.”

This week has been playing scrabble with a couple of my favorite people (read: Mama and my sister, Morgan), trying to get a self portrait of my... braid, I suppose.  It's hard positioning your arms way back behind your head, posing for picture perfect, and then somehow getting enough strength to actually push the shutter button down.  All the while looking dreamily out the window.  Ahh... what we do for that photo.  Anyhow!  Once done, take a million pictures of a strawberry (I couldn't pass the cute thing up so I rescued it from the fate of strawberry-pie-to-be-pile).  Then take more pictures even after you've bitten into it.  Why not?

Bye Georges,

p.s. I call everyone George so don't be offended if I give you a guys name... George *smiles*
p.s.s. I got some big news-- we're moving to Louisiana!!!


  1. great photography! and congrats on the move to louisiana

  2. this is darling, dearheart! you say you can't seem to write/photograph amdist a bout of uninspiredness? this post proves you so very wrong...your words are so simple, but the VOICE coming from it is so beautiful and poignant, m'dear. "write, photograph, do something fun so you can write about and share your photographs" - completely relatable {the last one especially}.

    love you, deary!
    your goose.

    postscript ~ so happy to hear you are moving to Louisiana! it'll be nice to be closer to family, yes? <3

  3. You may think that you were not inspired, but I was definitely inspired by this, my dear! Moving to Louisiana? When? Let us know! I am sure that you will love it - your love for that state is evident in every post in which you mention it.

    1. I'm going to be heading for La tomorrow morning!!! So ready to be there :-)

  4. I really like the narrow focus on the first picture, and the last two... I love braids.