July 9, 2012

When I hear that song, I can’t help but smile- in my heart, on my lips, and from my soul.  There’s that gorgeous beat that makes my head nod, and my spirit run.  I love the way it puts me in a good mood every time I heart it, makes me want to dance with someone, and search for the good in everything.  It’s not the words, the voice, or the melody.  It’s the beat of it all together.  And it’s how an unnamable feeling gets pulled up out of my heart, and how it feels all alive and breathing… every time I hear that song.  It’s that, and so much more.

It makes me think about summer, the color cherry red, sunglasses, pickups, and golden sunshine enveloping the afternoon into evening and then twilight.  It’s seeing the stars and the moon holding their place in the sky like they always have.  It’s a dirt road with a million drops of light glistening everywhere, filtered from the leaves up, up above.  It’s a quickening pace in your heart when you see someone or something that you love.  It’s thinking about the country life, strawberries, and love.  That song... it’s not about the words- it’s what memories and thoughts they pull up out of my soul.  It’s all of that and closing my eyes at night, and just knowing happily that there’s a big ol’ world right outside my window… and it’s got hundreds of pages for me to write on.

I love that song.  Probably always will.  Things like that just don’t change, honey.

To this day when I hear that song || I see ya standing there all night long || discount shades, store bought tan, flip flops & cut-off jeans || well, between that settin’ sun || I’m on fire and born to run || looked at me and I was done… just getting started || I was singing to you, you were singing to me || I was so alive, never felt more free ||
Eric Church//Springsteen


  1. all I can utter after reading this post is...wow. you have the pure/raw/amazing talent of the girl we both admire {her name starts with a "c" ;)} - seriously, that sent shivers up my spine.

    how honored I feel to know such a lovely authoress. ;)

    love ya darling {forever and a day},
    your goose.

  2. Oh my goodness, Gabby. You are just amazing. I mean, seriously. Your way with words inspires me, m'dear.


  3. Woa! This is BEAUTIFUL!
    I think when I first joined your blog and went through these early posts...I didn't fully understand your work.
    But I do now. =)
    Those awesome clouds, beautiful sunburst behind the silhouetted trees, the great expanse of lake and green trees...and the last is quite lovely too; those junipers are SERIOUSLY green!
    (Which happens to be my favorite color)

    Keep at it.

    ♥ ~Jenny