Rainy days

July 16, 2012

There it went.  That first roll of thunder.  It always takes me by surprise- I look up from whatever I'm doing and strain and listen.  Just when I think I've gone crazy and have heard nothing, there it goes again.  A short lived growl from the heavens, bubbling and deep.  The sky is a lacy, deep gray, and milky white clouds billow against the satiny sky.  Inside everything is washed over with suppressed golden light that throws shadows moving everywhere.  Country  music plays on the radio, mini cinnamon rolls are getting eaten up like you wouldn't believe, and it's got that quietness about the day.

It's funny- rainy days are just quiet.  The drizzly, slow, gray days are silent.  Not that there isn't any noise... but the noise is even quiet.  Like everyone is holding their breaths like you do when you go under water.  Outside all you hear is the sound of cars driving by through the rain soaked roads, the sound of rain hitting the ground, and thunder.  And that smell.  Petrichor, scientifically, if you want to be scholarly.  But down here, it's just tears from the sky.  So take a deep breath in and listen.  Listen to that booming nothingness; that lonely happiness; perfect sadness.  Keep it locked tight in your heart, take it out when the days are too sunny or when you need some melancholy.

This week has been such a wonderful blessing.  It's been slow, but extremely busy and full of fun and summer.  Daddy, the kids and I went for an antiquities adventure and I found some presents for some of my favorite people...  can't say what, though.  My Mama had her birthday (shan't say how old for the sake of our health), traveled down to Louisiana, and have had some rain since.  I love Louisiana and summer.  We'll be going down south (Cajun country, ya know?) and I was wondering IF I should have post documenting my stay there?  Well, it's just a thought-- tell me what y'all think!



  1. I love the photograph of the birdhouse {and the roses are darling!}, m'dear. and your writing is always so lovely. :) Oh, and yes! I should very much like to hear of your adventures in antiquing and Cajun country that I hear so much about.

    love you {like A LOT},
    your goose.

  2. First, your photos are simply stunning. The focus and lighting is *perfect*.
    Second, I would definitely enjoy a post of your adventures down in Cajun country.
    Thirdly, I love rainy days for all of the reasons that you mentioned. *smiles*.


  3. The fourth one, definitely my favorite. =D