Oatmeal & childhood memories

July 3, 2012

I wake up this morning and there's that smell of oatmeal drifting into my bedroom.  I lay back and stare at the ceiling smelling oatmeal.  It's not too wonderful smelling- kind of plain and dusty.  But it smells like childhood.  Being a self proclaimed southern gal, grits has always been my first choice, (I remember making them with Daddy all the way back to when I was three or so).  But oatmeal is something I've had almost once every week of my life.  And that's a lot of weeks and a lot of memories.

Oatmeal is nothing I'm particularly fond of.  It can be cooked baby bear perfect with convenience in less than a few minutes (unless you're using the packet stuff with the sugar added already, and where you throw it into the microwave and in five point six seconds BING!  Your oatmal is done!).  I'm fond of measuring out the water into the big pot, putting a few scoops of rolled oats into the now boiling water and watch it rock n' roll.  It's just cozier and more southern, I guess.  When it's done, each flake of oatmeal has swelled to puffy soft perfection.  I add brown sugar to mine- sometime walnuts too, cream, and berries.  It gives a surprising twist to the flavor and well, it's a novel idea.

Southern style oatmeal || recipe

1 c. oats, rolled*
2 c. water
brown sugar, cream, berries, nuts (optional)
Pour water into a medium sized pot and add salt-- as much as you like, but too much salt makes oatmeal nasty so be careful!   When the water comes to a rolling boil, add your oats and stir.  Keep the burners on, oh, roughly medium if you're going to stand over it and watch it, or low if you gotta go do your "do."  When the oats have turned nice n' puffy, and the water is pretty much dissolved, scoop it out into a bowl and add brown sugar, cream, berries, or  nuts.  Go sit outside (and try not to let the dog get your lovely breakfast) and listen to the birds chirp.

*you can use instant oatmeal but really, the oatmeal loses its hearty oat flavor.  Plus it's a lot easier so therefore it loses its quality :-)



  1. lovely!!! oatmeal isn't my favorite in the whole wide world, but the way you described it gave me a whole new perception of the plain oats. :)

    love ya,
    the girl far away from her garden at the moment. ;)

  2. I like that first blueberry picture!
    We make our oatmeal in a pan the slow way too, btw. = D