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July 2, 2012

There was a boy and a girl.  The girl was holding the boy's hand and both were giggling on and on about some sort of nonsense as they walked to a park a street or two away.  They didn't seem to have a care in the world.  He'd hug her around her waist (and she loved it when he did that), and she'd tussle his hair- of course, the cowboy hat had to come off first.  His head was up to her shoulder, and it kind of made the girl melancholy because it meant her little brother was growing up.  But she was determined to make some memories while he was still eleven.  They were both excited to be going out together- the girl had never really taken anyone "out" and she was liking it so far.

They got to a park and took a million pictures.  He was such a ham.  And he was fast- he'd switch up his face in less than a split second and POOF!  The moment was gone.  And his sister's ISO was on high, lemee tell ya.  So they spent some time that way and then headed on back home, still carrying on and laughing and all that jazz.  After the photoshoot at the park, they swung by a little restaurant for dessert.

Let me tell you, brownies and icecream with syrup is good.  Especially if it comes from a tiny-town sort of homey restaurant where it's possible to have "regulars," and traditions.  He and I kept giggling and trying to look like the confidant young people we were and failed miserably.  He'd make a face and then I'd die laughing- forget the group of teenagers that were probably staring at us at the next table over.  Then dessert came.  Try eating a bowl of ice cream and brownies with lots of syrup in the middle of the table, dodging your brother's spoon, and if you can manage, look respectable.  It's not easy.

Waiting for our receipt, Ian and I played table football.  And if you haven't played it, I pity you.  Then the receipt came and for the life of me remember how much to tip the waitress and probably ended up making the waitress's day with triple the amount it should have been.  But I was making memories so I didn't give a care.

(this last one is my favorite)

We made it home, took more pictures behind our house (the bricks gave us such a nice background, you see), and I had to deal with a littler brother who wanted to go with the "big kids."  I kissed him and promised that I'd take him and his other sister out soon.  *Cough* that still hasn't happened yet, Aidan and Morgan, and it's because I'm broke *cough*.

It was fun, Ian... let's do it again!  But next time, you're paying the three dollars and ninety six cents :-)

p.s. happy July, y'all!

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